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Comox Valley SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Is your business in the top 10 on Google?

No? Poor text SEO (Search Engine Optimization) may be part of the reason.

Non-optimized text, or no text at all, could be why your business is not in the top 10. One Basic Text SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lesson from Comox Valley SEO Training is all you need to learn to write optimized, "search-engine-friendly" text for your website, blog or FaceBook page.

No one can guarantee a top 10 ranking on Google (unless you purchase your position - ask me about Google Adwords) but writing "search-engine-friendly" text is one of the best ways to improve your "organic" (free) search engine rankings. Contact Holly for more information.

Want to find out WHY ELSE your search engine rankings suck?

Pick me! Pick me! I know the answer! After years of "fixing" or optimizing websites it's got to the point where I can't visit a website without noting the SEO deficiencies. Things like your Index page doesn't mention WHERE you are or contain ANY of your major keywords, your keywords are all within graphics, your site has no Alt Image tags etc. etc. etc. just jump right out at me.

Many of these deficiencies are minor but they start to add up and, best of all, they are easy to fix. When all your SEO ducks are in a row you can bet the search engines will take notice. Inquire about my SEO Tune-up and find out what's holding your website back!

What is a search engine ranking?

Websites are "ranked" according to where they appear in the list of sites on a search engine (like Google). A top 10 ranking usually means your site is on the first page and everybody wants to be on the first page, especially on Google. There's lots of competition for that first page ranking and "search-engine-friendly" text is an essential part of achieving your first page goal.

With the Basic Text SEO lesson it takes less than 2 hours to teach you the knowledge, and give you the tools you need, to produce optimized, search-engine-friendly content for your website, blog and Facebook Page. Content that will help to improve your search engine rankings.
Contact Holly

Personalized instruction for all levels.

Your personalized Basic Text SEO Lesson will be adapted to your skill level. Along with one-on-one instruction you will receive printed material for future reference including a list of free online tools that you will find invaluable as you continue to create search-engine-friendly text and monitor your website, blog or Facebook page.

If you are you located in the Comox Valley or Campbell River area, the Basic Text SEO Lesson is held in your office using your computer. Most people find it much easier to learn (and remember) using their own equipment in familiar surroundings.
If you are located outside the Comox Valley please contact me.

If it isn't helping - it's hurting!

Without basic SEO your text is not optimized and may actually hurt your search engine rankings. Aim for a page one ranking by writing optimized, search-engine-friendly text.

Experts have identified basic text SEO requirements for the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. Learning what these requirements are and how to implement them on YOUR SITE is what this Basic Text SEO Lesson is all about.

You need to know this information if you are writing the content for your website, blog or Facebook. There are some simple SEO techniques that will help your website or blog to stand out from your competitors, where your customers can find you.

SEO Tune-up - $75

2 Hours of my complete, undivided attention. I will go through your website with a fine-toothed comb and e-mail you a written report detailing SEO deficiencies and remedies. This includes recommendations for text optimization but does not include optimization. Please see my SEO Tune-up page for more information.

Please see Comox Valley Web Writer for text optimization services.

You can then discuss the findings with your web master and arrange for changes to be made, or make them yourself. Contact Holly

Too Busy to Write Your Own Website Text?

If you are too busy running your business to take the time needed to write effective, optimized website text, I can do that for you. Please visit Holly Warren Web Writer for more information.

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