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Hi, I'm Holly and I eat, sleep and breathe websites. More specifically, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for websites. It's sort of a curse really, it's gotten so I can't visit a website without noting the SEO deficiencies. i.e. Index page doesn't mention WHERE you are or, in some cases, WHAT you actually do or sell. Those ones drive me crazy both as an SEO professional and as a consumer.

Many of these SEO deficiencies are minor but they start to add up and, best of all, they are easy to fix. When all your SEO ducks are in a row you can bet the search engines will take notice.

I don't develop or design websites but I have worked closely with web developers and web designers for several years. I understand how they work and what they need from me. Most importantly, I concentrate solely on SEO. I'm fast, I'm thorough and I'm up-to-date.

I have over 12 years experience writing text for websites. (12 years in Internet Technology is equivalent to 50 human years.) In fact I became involved in Search Engine Optimization right around the time the phrase SEO was invented.

I have lived in the Comox Valley for over 25 years and began my SEO career with VisionQuest Web Services Inc. in Campbell River in 1998. VisionQuest was one of the first web design companies based on Vancouver Island and had an impressive client list including the first BC Liberal Party website.

I progressed from VisionQuest to running my own business (Holly Warren Web Site Promotion) for several years, providing SEO and online marketing services. In recent years I have provided SEO services for Chameleon Creative Graphic & Web Design in Campbell River.
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Holly Warren - Over 20 years of writing in the Comox Valley for groups and organizations including the Comox Valley Writers' Club, Comox Valley Community Arts Council, Comox Valley Community Foundation and the Filberg Festival.

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* Newspaper Columns
* Magazine Articles
* Radio Ads
* Press Releases
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