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Professional SEO Services

Please Note - these services do not include insertion into the website, web developer is responsible for inserting meta tags, file names, page titles, Google Analytics code etc.

Domain Name Selection - up to 5 options - $20

  • Keyword Research
  • Optimized domain names for new websites OR
  • Optimized "secondary" domain names for existing websites (301 re-direct)

Package #1 - Basic SEO - $35

  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Tags - title, description, keywords

Package #2 - Basic SEO Plus - $50

  • Keyword Research
  • Meta Tags - title, description, keywords
  • File Names - optimized (aka - page names, File Names appear in the URL bar after your domain name, for example, /contact is the File Name)
  • Page Titles - unique, optimized (Page Titles appear at the very top left of browser screen)

Package #3 - Basic SEO Lesson Follow-up - $35
Available only to my clients who have taken the Basic Text SEO Lesson. Excellent opportunity to validate your new SEO techniques.

  • SEO review of Meta Tags & Page Titles
  • In-depth SEO review of Index page text with SEO recommendations (if required)
  • Overall SEO review of up to 3 additional main pages with general recommendations (if required)

Search Engine Submission - $15

  • Includes submission to Google, Yahoo, MSN/Bing, DMOZ (Open Directory)
    plus 2 to 4 additional search engines.

Text Optimization - $30/hour

  • Includes basic keyword research (if not already done) and optimization of existing text
  • Original text provided to me as a Word document or copied off the website. Optimized text will be e-mailed to client as a Word document unless otherwise requested, insertion into website not included.
  • Can include formatting recommendations if requested

SEO Tune-up - $75

  • Includes 2 hours in-depth SEO evaluation plus written report outlining SEO deficiencies and remedies. See SEO Tune-up page for details.

Google Analytics - $25

  • Includes opening a Google account
  • Signing up for Analytics
  • Providing web developer with Analytics code and instructions for insertion
  • Confirming that Analytics is up and running
  • Providing web developer with access instruction letter and Analytics "Cheat Sheet" to pass on to client

Google AdWords Pay-per-click Set Up - $40
(requires a valid credit card, Google AdWords charges billed directly to client's credit card, client to determine monthly budget for click-through charges)

  • Includes developing a list of keywords (usually 20 - 40 keywords and phrases) to be reviewed by client, client input is welcome
  • Includes writing ads, as per Google AdWords criteria, to be reviewed by client
  • Includes creation of Google AdWords account and input of keywords and ads, setting of daily spend rates
  • Includes monitoring the AdWords campaign for the first week

Notes -
- I must have credit card information including billing address etc. for AdWords account setup
- There is a $10 set-up fee charged by Google
- If client is monitoring their own PPC campaigns - I will provide a Google AdWords access letter
- this package does not include instructions on how to use Google AdWords. AdWords provides online instructions. If client wants tutoring on how to use Google AdWords there will be an additional charge.
Google will charge the client's credit card for click-through charges automatically each month. If the client wants me to monitor the AdWords campaign then the monthly monitoring fee (see below) is payable to me.
Google AdWords is very flexible and can be paused at any time, in which case the campaign ceases to accrue further click-through charges. If there is an outstanding balance Google will charge this amount to the credit card on the normal billing date.

Pay-per-click Monitoring Fee - $30 per month

  • Includes regular monitoring of bids and positions, tweaking when necessary
  • Includes keeping within client's monthly spend budget +/- 10%
  • Includes a monthly summary report including amount spent, number of clicks and most popular keywords
    Note - this Monitoring Fee is not charged to the client's credit card, it is payable to me by cheque or cash
    Note -
    if the client decides to pause their Google AdWords campaign I must be notified by e-mail and the campaign will be paused within 24 hours. I will pro-rate my monitoring fee to cover the days the campaign was active.

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